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Reviews and feedback from our lovely clients.


“Less sugar intake…more raw foods….a lot of water. I haven’t experienced any yeast infections yet!!! And my hair is growing!!!! Woohoo!! I’m going to get the detox so my whole body can rid of these toxins out of my body…. now working to clear up my acne. Thank u so much for your help and knowledge. I’m 46 years old and I learn more from you than my doctors.”

“I enjoyed my recent steaming experience.  It has truly been life changing.  Nicole was insightful and reassuring.  She helped me to shift my perspective around relationships and love.  I am looking forward to the manifestation of my intention.  I highly recommend her and look forward to my next session.” 

Image by Eye for Ebony
Image by Alex Robinson

“Thank you Nicole for giving me the opportunity of being in your home and allowing me to sit on the pot of faith. I feel like a new woman, and so ready to start the new chapter in my life. I will surly work on what we  have discussed starting last night. I look forward to tell you about the new changes. Thank you a lot.”

“First I want to thank Nicole Brantley for my AMAZING session! Words cannot express how enlightened and fulfilled I feel at this moment! My physical, spiritual and emotional psyche are ONE! I AM ENOUGH AND I AM BEAUTIFUL! I am a NEW woman. Having a womb sauna session is a NECESSARY regimen for all women!”

Image by Leighann Blackwood
Lingerie Model

“My experience at F.R.E.S.H. was very enlightening. I was anxious before my appointment. However, as soon as I arrived, Nicole changed that. My first session of releasing on the pot physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally was definitely life-changing. This is not your average vaginal steaming. This is a life adjuster! Thanks Nicole for everything! I will be returning!” 

“I love the fresh cleansing bar, it smells really good, it’s gentle on your skin, make your skin feel baby soft, and sexual…Thank You so much sis, for all you do to educate us women.”

Image by Jeffery Erhunse
Image by Clarke Sanders

“Hey Nicole! Hope all is well with you and the family. I’ve been detoxing for the past almost 30 days and I have lost a significant amount of weight. My skin is clearing and there have been other personal changes such as PH balance. I have only been eating live food. Nothing cooked, no dairy, soda, or coffee. I’m so excited. I looked in the mirror today and for the first time in a long time my eyes are white! I know to some it’s small, but it’s a big thing to me. I say all this to say that my detox ends in five days and I know that you have changed your lifestyle with the food you eat and products you use. I want to continue with my new eating habit.”

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