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Beneficial Health Living and FRESH presents the Summer Sea Moss Sampler Pack. Choose any 3 of the 7 flavors offered for a total of 24oz of sea moss gel! You're getting three 8oz jars for the price of our 16oz jars. That's an extra 8oz free! Try the different flavors and see which are your favorites. Get yours while supplies last...


Seamoss is a superfood that can do the following:

*boosts the immune system

*provide the necessary minerals and trace minerals the body needs daily

*reduce/eliminate inflammation in the body

*high in potassium (may relieve anger, irritability, anxiety disorders, depression & fibromyalgia associated with low potassium)

*increases energy

*improves blood pressure

*high in iron

*increases libido

*strengths joints

*aids in reversing thyroid issues

*dissolves mucus

*improves mood

*promotes healthy skin (soothes eczema, psoriasis, rashes and sunburn)

*promotes healthy hair

*aids in weight-loss

*contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs (Elderberry has all 102 minerals)

And more....

Summer Sale- Sea Moss Sampler Pack (3- 8oz. Jars)