Our Elderberry Sea Moss Gummies are great for children and adults alike! They are made to order. Can you say Dynamic Duo?! Elderberry syrup (infused with an upper respiratory herbal blend) infused into Seamoss Gel! Get a double immunity boost! Prevent pneumonia, cold, flu, corona virus, allergies, sinus infections and more all while getting your minerals and trace minerals. Get the 102 minerals your body needs with the added benefits of burdock root and bladderwrack. They sell out fast get yours!

Don't have time to make a smoothie? No problem. These gummies are the perfect way for children (and adults) to get their vitamins, minerals, trace minerals,  amino acids, calcium, potassium and more in on a daily basis and it taste great! 
*Gummies are light and airy vs. chewy because they are not made with gelatin (pork). 
120 Gummies per container; 2 Gummies per serving. Take 4 Gummies per day (2 in the morning/2 in the evening). 30 Day supply.

Ingredients: Organic Grape Juice, Elderberry Sea Moss Gel, Agave, Agar Agar powder. 

Organic Elderberry Sea Moss Gummies (vegan)

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